Why Stalling Isn’t Such a Good Idea

Here are few happenings in my life:
In 2017, I started using Dudu Osun (a bathing soap), which is now being used by everyone in my house, because someone tweeted about his skin glowing since he started using the soap.
For some time in August, I was guilt tripped while using a lot of water in the bathroom because I saw an advert by DSTV about saving water so others could have water to use somewhere else.
Also, I actually know quite a few things about the tech world (for a non-techie person) because, for some reason, I have a number of people I follow on twitter who love the tech world and talk about it like all the time.
Lastly, in the previous two months, there were instances I had to turn off every power socket and unplug appliances in my room because I remembered tweets by an energy management company I follow on twitter about conserving energy.

A bit weird or na?

Would any of these things have happened without someone else communicating? I think it’s unlikely.

These are only just a few instances where a post from social media or an advert influenced my action and honestly, there are many others I consciously or unconsciously allowed to influence my behaviour or decision. You should read about some other influences I shared here.

So what’s this post really about? I’m sharing this to spur you on to speak up about your faith.

In the secular world, people often speak boldly about causes that are important to them, they share music, tweets, articles, books or media they love or consider informative but why does it feel difficult for us as believers to share about our faith, the one thing we are expected to consider most valuable?

There are so many things I have learnt about my Christian faith because other people decided to share that information with me. The bible also mentions the importance of spurring each other on in Hebrews 10:25.

It’s great news if you’re a believer but there are so many people yet to believe in Christ, some because they haven’t heard the Gospel and possibly those who are just yet to accept the Truth.
Just look at this amazing motivation:
“Everyone who calls, ‘Help, God!’ gets help.” But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them? And how is anyone going to tell them, unless someone is sent to do it? That’s why Scripture exclaims, A sight to take your breath away! Grand processions of people telling all the good things of God!”
– Romans 10:13-15 MSG 

It’s easy to say “well, someone is already talking about God where I am” but you also have the same responsibility and you should be glad to talk about your greatest Lover and the way to spend eternity with Him.

People are hurting, even believers go through unpleasant seasons, be the voice that brings a message of love, joy and hope to others.

I’m not going to ignore that it can be scary to bring up such discussions but I’m sure you’ve had to do something dauntless for less important causes, so you can do it. As you keep practicing, it gets easier. Starting is likely the difficult part. You can read a little about my fear of speaking up here.

Something I recently relearned is that The Holy Spirit is within you as a believer to help you. Look at Luke 12:12. You have the greatest Helper with you at anytime and anywhere.

Another wonderful thing I learnt again recently is that when you share your faith with others, there are three likely outcomes: the person accepts (believes and is saved), a seed is planted in the person’s heart or the person rejects the message. The first two might easily be considered a winning outcome but guess what? The third is also a winning outcome for you. When you’re rejected for Christ’s sake, you get a reward in Heaven, how cool! Check out Luke 6:22-23.

There are two books on my reading list “One thing you can’t do in Heaven” by Mark Cahill and “Loving Amanda” by Laju Iren, the former includes a compilation of accounts on sharing the Gospel (really amazing real life stories) , how to go about it and the need to share your faith now while the latter is a fiction with one of the many lessons being about how sharing a tract with a lady saved her life, like physically saving her life and actual salvation. They are both amazing books you should check out.
I’ll probably share a glimpse of the books in this category.

I hope I’ve been able to spur a little desire in you to talk about about your faith. Someone would be glad to hear your voice.

Please share in the comments how you go about starting discussions on faith, challenges you might have encountered, how you overcame such challenges and any other thing you’ve learnt in this journey of speaking up. You’ll be spurring on another.
Thanks Thanks.

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

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